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Why Hydraulic Boat Trailers Make Sense for the Serious Sailor

“My entire retirement plan has centered on getting out on the water,” Matt said. “I’ve got my boat finally at the stage where I’m happy with how everything operates. It’s a joy to sail, and best of all, I can handle her all by myself. There’s something about being able to get out on the ocean all by myself and truly have that time to be completely alone and at peace that makes all of the time and money I’ve invested over the years totally worth it.” Matt smiled. “Of course it doesn’t hurt that the fishing’s pretty good too.”

To enjoy his sailing adventures, Matt invested in a hydraulic boat trailer. “It’s the fastest, easiest way for me to get my boat in and out of the water by myself,” he explained. “Over the years, I’ve had manual trailers, and while they work, it takes a lot more time and effort to use them then I really would like. I’m still in pretty good shape, but the amount of cranking and manhandling you’ve got to do with a traditional boat trailer can be tough – especially when the weather gets a little colder and that wind is blowing! With a hydraulic boat trailer, it’s so much easier. I just press the controls to move the hydraulic arms; closing and opening the gate as needed to secure the boat. No cranking required!”

Matt uses his hydraulic boat trailer at boat launches near his Massachusetts home, as well as when he’s transporting his boat to and from off-season storage. “Sometimes I have friends who give me a hand, and they’re always impressed with with how much faster it is to load and unload the boat now. On those occasions when my wife does decide to join me for a day of sailing, we’ve found that having the hydraulic boat trailer has definitely cut down on the tension we sometimes experienced when loading and unloading the boat. Definitely a wise purchase!”