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Happy Wife, Happy Life: The Case for a New Boat Trailer

“We both love to sail. In fact, our entire family loves to spend time on the water. We get out on the Charles River as often as we can and really enjoy it,” Julian said. “We don’t have the world’s biggest boat by any means, but we have a lot of fun – at least until it’s time to get the boat out of the water.”

For years, Julian’s family has made do with a second-hand boat trailer they inherited from Julian’s father. “It’s a little bigger than we need, but the real issue is how difficult it is to get the boat actually loaded properly,” Julian explained. “It’s got a hand crank that’s tough to turn.” Julian’s oldest son, Don, had been handling the cranking duties, but now that he’s moved to follow his career, the job has fallen on Julian’s wife Marie.

“That’s not working out so well,” Julian said. “Every time it’s an argument. We get things worked out of course, but it’s a real downer after a great day on the water to have to have this hassle loading up the boat. That’s why I’ve decided it’s time we get a new hydraulic boat trailer.”

With fully motorized controls and sized to fit Julian’s boat precisely, the new boat trailer makes getting the family boat in and out of the water much easier. “As an added bonus it’s easier to drive and park because it’s a little shorter,” Julian explained. “The boat just seems to fit better and is more secure in place as we travel, which reduces my stress level a lot.”

Marie has found the new boat trailer so much easier to use that she’s even taken the boat out herself for an afternoon sail with some of her friends. “That absolutely never would have happened before,” Julian said. “Having the right hydraulic boat trailer makes all the difference in the world.”