Lifting Slings

Hoist Slings, Forklift Slings, or Crane Slings!

Single or Double Ply slings are made to any length of your choosing. All slings are made from Nylon or Polyester Material

All Sling Eyes have protective padding!




Boat Lifting Sling Nos. Basket Capacity (Lbs). Sling Width Options
BLS-201 6,000 2″ Single Ply Loose Pin Webb Shackles
BLS-202 12,000 2″ Double Ply Sling Disconnect
BLS-301 9,000 3″ Single Ply Disconnect Pin
BLS-302 18,000 3″ Double Ply Extra Eye
BLS-401 11,000 4″ Single Ply Large Eyes For Forklift Sling
BLS-402 22,000 4″ Double Ply Lead Keel Pad/Fixed or Sliding
BLS-501 14,000 5″ Single Ply Disconnect Flap
BLS-502 28,000 5″ Double Ply Edge Guard
BLS-601 17,000 6″ Double Ply Chine Pad
BLS-602 33,000 6″ Double Ply Length Adjustable Slings
BLS-801 24,000 8″ Single Ply Single or Double Ply Slings
BLS-802 45,000 8″ Double Ply
BLS-1001 28,000 10″ Single Ply
BLS-1002 52,000 10″ Double Ply
BLS-1201 33,000 12″ Single Ply
BLS-1202 63,000 12″ Double Ply