Dockside Lifts

Here’s How Dockside Lifts Will Save You Time and Money:

  • A fast efficient device for handling boats in a rack storage environment where a deep negative lift is needed. This opens rack storage facilities that could not be done before.
  • Hauls or launches in approximately 60 seconds. Moves boats faster because while the dockside lift is taking a boat for stacking, the lift is ‘picking’ another boat from the water.
  • Now your forklift can stay dry while the dockside lift’s galvanized parts are immersed in water. No moving parts touch the water.
  • A less expensive forklift can be used to handle your boats.
  • Remotely controlled with umbilical cable or radio control gives immediate finger-tip control making one-man operation possible.

and check out these features:

  • Rugged commercial quality construction and design
  • Up to 20,000 pound capacity
  • All hydraulic operation eliminating chains and cables 10′ to 20′ negative lift
  • 3′ positive lift
  • Standard fail-safe load holding valves
  • Fully engineered and tested
  • Power module can be mounted remotely from lift unit




Select the installation that best fits your operation:

Dockside Lift